Bulk SMS Service

Send thousands of SMS messages instantly with our Cheap Bulk SMS in Kenya.

Bulk SMS Service is a premium business SMS service offered by Celcom Africa to allow businesses communicate in an efficient and cost-effective manner whether for sending alerts, notifications, marketing campaigns or promotions and much more.

Use our Bulk SMS Gateway to send text SMS in large volumes whether transactional or Promotional bulk SMS.

Cheap Bulk SMS in Kenya

Which One to pick, From alerts and one-time authentications to promotional and transactional notifications?

Choosing the right SMS service depends on your business needs. With Celcom Africa, you have the flexibility to pick what suits you best. That is why we offer you the flexibility to customize your communication strategy.

Whether you are sending alerts, running a promotion, or updating customers about their transactions, we have got you covered. Here are a few examples to help guide your decision on hosing the right type of bulk SMS:

types of sms

1. Transactional SMS.

Transactional SMS are messages sent to customers following a transaction. They provide information related to the transaction, such as order confirmations, delivery status updates, appointment reminders, or payment receipts. These messages are ideal for enhancing customer experience through:

  • Automated payment information
  • Timely and regular updates about customers transactions.

{Company Name}:
“Hello {firstName}, Your order #98765 has been dispatched and is expected to be delivered by tomorrow. Thank you for choosing us.”

2. Promotional SMS.

Promotional SMS are marketing messages that businesses send to prospective or existing customers to provide information about new product launches, special offers, discounts, or events. Use cases include:

  • Increasing brand exposure.
  • Enhancing customer engagement.

{Company Name}:
“Limited Time Offer! Get 50% off on all items in our store today. Don’t miss out, offer valid while stocks last!”

3. Alert Messages.

Alert messages are crucial in keeping users informed about important events or situations. For instance, a bank might send an alert message to its customers about a system maintenance schedule. Alert messages are ideal for:

  • Delivering real-time information/notifications.

{Company Name}:
“Dear customer, please note that our servers will be undergoing maintenance updates from 2-4 PM today. We regret any inconvenience caused.”

What you get when you use our platform.

Our portal is packed with attractive features and functionalities, to enhance your communication strategy.

Contact Management
Contact Management

Our platform provides an address book feature that allows you to keep your contacts organized and easily accessible whenever you need them. You can create groups for friends, clients, staff, and more!

Message Scheduling
Message Scheduling

With our message scheduling feature, you can plan your communications ahead of time. Just set the date and time, and your messages will be delivered exactly when you want them to be.

Long Messages
Delivery Reports

Our platform provides detailed delivery reports, giving you insights into the success of your messaging campaigns. You can use these insights to refine your communication strategy and improve your results.

Multiple Account Users
Multiple User Mode

Our multiple user mode feature allows several users to access the platform at the same time. This promotes teamwork and ensures efficient utilization of the platform.

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Experience the power and convenience of Celcom Africa Bulk SMS and Bulk Email platform and revolutionize your messaging strategy.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We have worked with Celcom for the last 6 years. I find their service affordable; they deliver within the promised timelines and with precision. I have particularly liked their customer experience which I can only describe as first class. They are also keen and professional. System availability is also impressive and reliable. I would recommend 100%.

Username Investment
Reuben Kimani

Username Investment

Celcom is the best SMS service provider I have to work with. It has supported our growth as SafeBoda through there fair prices, great delivery rate and above all the best and fast Customer Support. Great Job Celcom!!

Safe Boda
Chebet Millicent

Safe Boda

Amazing company - your SMS rates, customer service and support are super good. Your systems are always super, rare or no downtimes. As a result, our business has enjoyed immense growth since we partnered with you. We are proud to do business with you. Keep up the good work. I recommend you to the world.

Username Investment
Joseph Gitonga

Username Investment

Celcom Bulk SMS is a very reliable and affordable solution well aligned to the current customer experience needs. I have worked with them on several client's projects and the feedback is always positive; happy with the customer experience feedback. The kicker solution in my view is the SMS integration with billing and collection system which has enhanced collection. HIGHLY recommend the services to any customer. Thank you, Celcom, and keep up the good work!

Acemil Consultant
John Gakunyi

Acemil Consultant